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With experience in prosthetics, tattoo effects, prop fabrication, makeup and special effects makeup, Hawgfly designs and creates custom effects and props for projects of all levels and genres. The goal of Hawgfly is to make any director’s vision possible.

Meredith Johns

Carolyn O’Hara

Meredith Johns was born and raised in Austin, TX. She grew up in a family of artists ranging from ceramics and oil painting to woodworking and lampwork bead making. Sculpting, painting, and constantly pursuing outlets for her creativity was a part of life for Meredith, so it’s not surprising that she sought out an artistic career.She met business partner Carolyn O’Hara on set and abandoned her budding graphic design career to start Hawgfly Productions, Inc. Her favorite part of her job as a makeup artist is the constant challenge that new projects present and the exciting results of hard work and great ingenuity.Meredith was nominated for a 2010 Primetime Emmy Award for her makeup work on Temple Grandin. Some of Meredith’s other credits include Stoker (SFX Makeup Artist), Machete Kills (Key SFX Prosthetics Makeup), Mission Park (Makeup Department Head), Machete (SFX Makeup Department Head), True Grit (Makeup), Friday the 13th – Part XII (Prop Fabricator), Exit Speed (Key SFX Makeup), and Teeth (Makeup).

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Carolyn O’Hara moved “home” to Austin, TX in 1993.  Originally from upstate New York, Carolyn was happy to trade 6-9 months of winter for 6-9 months of summer.  She grew up in a family of engineers and math teachers, and was greatly relieved to find out, eventually, that there was nothing wrong with her except being an artist.  After a varied career ranging from graphic artist (for the U.S. Navy) to architect (currently, for local government), Carolyn decided to look for an opportunity to combine the different artistic threads that had run through her life.A lifetime of art classes in drawing and painting, added to a stint designing and drawing fake tattoos (learned in the Navy years before), came together in a chance volunteer gig on a sci-fi/action film in 2000.  After one day on set, she KNEW.Several projects later, she met Meredith Johns on set at a Zombie movie.  After working together for many weekends, they realized they could start a business to provide special effects makeup the way they wanted to.  Carolyn’s true passion is action movies, which fits well with her partner’s sick obsession with horror movies.  They both love the problem-solving involved in each new project, and the delight in creating original works of art.Carolyn has an additional specialty in tattoos, and has provided tattoos for a number of independent features, shorts and theatrical productions.  Her credits include True Grit (Makeup Artist), Machete (SFX Makeup Artist), and Aviatrix (SFX Makeup) among others.

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